Dove Release for Weddings

Throughout the ages the white dove has been seen as a powerful symbol of love and new beginnings, so their presence at your wedding is not only a beautiful addition to the day but has a deep meaning too.

With our Dove Release for Weddings service you cannot imagine the emotions that this simple service can evoke; even from the toughest “macho” man a tear can be extracted! The mere presence of these beautiful creatures can stir feelings from deep inside us, maybe from beliefs passed down from generations before us; for the dove has held a very special place in peoples’ hearts for thousands of years.

No wedding can be complete without this beautiful feature and happily, it is well within even the smallest budget.

Thank you so much for making my son and daughter-in-laws wedding day awesome!...

Your service was so professional from the organisation to setting up the beautiful arch to the release of the doves. This was a surprise present for them from me. When they realised it had been arranged for them, they were over the moon!

Katherine and Terry felt it made the day extra special. The memory of the doves being released is something they will treasure forever.
I would highly recommend wings for love for your occasion

Thank you once again…..Litza

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image of our dove release for weddings service

picture of a dove release at a wedding in Norfolk

image of a white dove being released at a wedding