Dove Releases for Funerals

Richard & I provide a professional and sensitive service of releasing trained white doves for the most important times in your life.

Saying farewell to a loved one can be very hard and words alone cannot always provide the comfort needed, however, taking a beautiful soft white dove and releasing it to soar high above you, free to carry your message of love will give you that comfort.

Doves have always been recognised as a symbol of peace, love and freedom, so the very presence of these beautiful birds at a funeral can be very uplifting.

All of our doves are home bred and trained by us to return home after every release. We personally attend every release to ensure a professional service at all times.

We encourage a close family member to hold the bird prior to release and will give instruction on holding them. This is the perfect send off to your loved one.


The Symbolism Of A Dove At A Funeral

Faith – you`ll instill a sense of connection between their beliefs, this world, and the next.

Peace – A symbol of peace. A dove release can represent laying your loved one to rest and a peaceful afterlife

Hope – Through watching their release, you’ll give loved ones an opportunity to reflect on a person’s life and achievements and find hope and love in what’s to come

Why choose a dove release for a funeral?


The release of Doves at a Funeral can be a touching and significant marker of the occasion


A beautiful and emotional tribute to a loved one as these beautiful white doves rise majestically into the sky


When a loved one passes away, it is difficult to have peace of mind. A dove release can help you and your loved ones find the comfort you need. Of course, you will never forget your loved one or stop missing them. But the image of the peaceful and liberated doves may help funeral attendees find comfort in their passing.

“Thank you for last night, Jill. Releasing the dove in memory of my friend has taken away my anger that she was taken from us so suddenly, without warning. I wasn’t able to let her go but releasing the dove has done that for me now. Thank you.”

Jackie Willis

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