Dove Release for Funerals

The white dove, of course, has been seen throughout the ages as a sign of peace; as such, it brings a very poignant and serene tribute to a very emotionally charged day.

Following a service, the gathered mourners can see a beautiful white dove displayed in its’ cage, waiting to carry the spirit of their loved one high into the skies above. A few words are spoken to explain the symbolism, and then a touching verse is read to the congregation before the dove is taken and passed to a close member of the family.

They may hold and caress the bird, even kiss it, before releasing it to fly upwards carrying their love to accompany the spirit of their loved one on the next journey.

Pay your respects, share your love with our Dove Release for Funerals service, a moment to reflect, a moment to remember.

Why Arrange a Dove Release at a Funeral?


The sight of beautiful White Doves soaring into the sky symbolises freedom and peace that can resonate with family and friends attending the funeral service to bring a sense of calm to their hearts. This action can help make your loved one’s celebration of life a beautifully memorable occasion.


When a loved one passes away, it will feel extremely difficult to obtain that peace of mind. A white dove release can help you and your loved ones find the closure you need to move forward. Of course, you will never forget your loved one or stop missing them. But the image of the liberated doves may help funeral attendees find comfort in their passing.

Celebration of Life

A white dove release will help those attending the funeral to celebrate, even during an emotionally challenging time. Your loved one deserves to be remembered for the life they lived, and white doves taking to the sky can help attendees remember to celebrate the life of a loved one while also mourning their sad passing.

“Thank you for last night, Jill. Releasing the dove in memory of my friend has taken away my anger that she was taken from us so suddenly, without warning. I wasn’t able to let her go but releasing the dove has done that for me now. Thank you.”

Jackie Willis

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